The Facepalms of Pokemon

In Pokemon, there are many experienced people playing but sometimes there aren’t. This is me laughing and planting my head into the palm of my hand several times. Some of the things people have said:

“The Shiny Stone makes Pokemon shiny.” – Anonymous 2014

“Manaphy is Phione’s evolution.” – Anonymous 2014

“Legendaries are the best.” – Anonymous 2013

“Charizard is the evolution of Ivysaur.” – Anonymous 2014

“I have Hitmonchan’s Mega Evolution stone.” Anonymous 2013

And that’s me done. If I were to list anymore my face would be so numb that I wouldn’t be able to speak. And as you might assume, that’s very bad. Anyway, do you have any stupid things that people or yourself have said about Pokemon? If so, comment them!


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